Motion Reverb is a collab of music production and animation

I invited 8 musicians to submit looping beats based on a theme.
Then I, along with 2 guest artists, visualized those beats into looping animations.
There wasn’t a client - this one was for the culture.

Here’s a montage preview of all 8 collabs.

Video explination of Motion Reverb

Here are the pieces that I animated:

Songs by Jordon Jo and Nebulous

Song by Aurka and Ray Reck

Song by Habitaat and Alex Roman

Other animators:

Song by Markus
Animation by Johan Eriksson
Song by Soulecist.
Animation by Robert Duncan


The project lives on Instagram, along with process videos and profiles of the artists.

The project was featured on Lauren Hom’s instagram stories.

Availability starting 5/15/2024