Onboarding animations

Influenster is a sampling and product discovery app with over 7.5 million global members in 30+ countries.

I designed and animated Influenster’s onboarding graphics, introducing customers to the value of Influenster in a fun and inviting way when they first open the app.
The project took a total of 17 days, working with Influenster’s creative and art directors to finish the animations before their app relaunch.

Below are the 3 screens welcoming users to the service, which are still active.

Designed for Performance

Exported using Lottie, egach animation weighs ~200kb or less - allowing the animations to load extremely fast.

Below are the lottie files playing in-browser.

“Get freebies you’ll love”

“Discover new products”

“Share your opinions”

Sketch to Final

                       Ideation sketches                                                                                                      

Rough animation sketch

Color variations

Object designs

More design options

Final animation

Bonus design
Ended up not being used

“We’ve made some updates”

And feel free to check out the animations in Influenster’s app .

Availability starting 7/25/2024