Creating and branding an all-day music production event in Berlin.

In winter 2016, I teamed up with the founder of Strength in Numbers, a music collective based in Berlin, and Tomas Wischerath, a music producer based in LA, to create a day-long event aimed at helping music producers change the way they think about creating music.
25 producers came to the event, each of them being pushed to create 10 songs in an 8-hour time window. Through workflow and production exercises, every producer who came made more music in a day’s time than they ever have before. We catered the event so that the producers didn’t have to interupt their flow. 



The event sold out!

The event was a total success, with 25 music producers from around the world spending an entire day pushing themselves to become better producers.

We look forward to expanding this to other cities. The end goal was to create confidence and community for local music producers, and we accomplished that and more.

Availability starting 12/4/2023